Best Diet Plans For Healthy Weight Loss

Diet is an important part of healthy living especially if you’re looking to lose or maintain a particular weight. Below, with the help of dietary experts, the best diet plans have been explained so that you can choose the one which suits you best.

Slimming world.

This diet plan involves switching from high-fat to low-fat foods. Members are allowed to eat some particular foods freely. Some other foods are not recommended but members are not entirely restricted from eating them. The goal of this is to ease the transition from high-fat to low-fat foods. Members target losing 1-2 pounds a week.

Experts say that this is one of the best diet plans since members motivate each other by sharing recipes. On the other hand, this diet plan doesn’t educate members on food portions. Rather, it teaches people to hate particular foods rather than focusing on the overall nutrient intake.


This plan involves a point system that encourages members to control calorie intake by eating fruits and vegetables. This system targets losing 2 pounds a week.

Experts like this diet since it doesn’t restrict one from any types of food. However, members have to find a link between points and calorie intake for it to be effective. This might be a problem since counting the points is time-consuming. Also, members may be encouraged to buy “Weightwatchers” branded products which are unnecessarily expensive compared to other products.


This plan basically restricts acidic foods. It is based on the premise that avoiding acidic foods such as cow milk and alcohol will assist you in losing weight. Instead, they recommend alkaline foods such as nuts and green juices.

Experts approve this system as one of the best diet plans since this system can actually help you lose weight by avoiding foods such as alcohol and processed sugars. However, the system has no scientific basis since the food doesn’t alter the body’s pH. Also, restricting yourself from certain foods may deny your body certain nutrients that your body needs.

GM Diet.

This system is a strict 7-day plan that is aimed to restrict calorie intake. It includes cutting out drinks such as coffee and alcohol.

Experts opine that this diet deprives your body of essential nutrients and this can make you feel sick. This diet also restricts a person from any hard physical activity. Also, the weight that one loses is water weight which comes back when the normal diet is resumed. In addition, one may also end up losing muscle mass.

South Beach.

This is a 2-week plan that involves taking a low GI diet and participating in some exercise. It mainly focuses on heart health.

Experts approve this diet since it provides sufficient energy during the day thus making it one of the best diet plans. This is because low-GI carbohydrates tend to dispense energy slower. However, the first phase is rather restrictive and doesn’t provide necessary vitamins and minerals. Also, one is only likely to lose water weight which will be eaten back once normal carb diet is resumed. In addition, there is no provision on portions and thus it may be difficult to maintain a certain weight.


This is a diet that involves 4 phases. It begins with a strict protein diet with a gradual introduction of vegetables and fruits.

Experts concede that this method may lead to weight loss but its strictness denies the body essential nutrients that it needs to function.


This weight loss regimen involves picking a particular diet plan that is rich in fruits and vegetables without lectin. It also includes the provision of personal advice and support from a Gundry advisor.


This part-time diet involves eating normally for 5 days of the week then cutting calorie intake for the other 2 days. On the 2 days, members are encouraged to restrict themselves to 25% of their normal calorie intake.

Experts say that this diet is easier to follow since it is restricted to only 2 days of the week. This may lead to reduced risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes. However, this diet doesn’t regulate calorie intake during the five days. One may end up eating too many calories during the week thus reducing the impact of the 2 restrictive days. Also, some people may lack energy during the 2 restrictive days. 


This method is based on the belief that we should eat according to out ancient hunter and gatherer methods. This means a high protein diet and restriction of processed food. 

Experts conclude that this method this is one of the best diet plans since it encourages healthy eating. However, it might not be the best plan for vegetarians since it includes eating a lot of meat. In addition, it might also cause some nutrient deficiencies.

New Atkins.

This method involves total ditching of carbohydrates. It involves forcing the body to get energy from its fat reserves. After some time carbs are gradually introduced into the diet.

Experts warn that some of the foods involved in this diet may not necessarily be healthy. Also, a diet low in carbs may lead to a general lack of energy.

Slim Fast.

This plan is targeted to people with a body mass index of above 25. This diet targets losing 1-2 pounds per week until a specific weight is achieved.

Experts opine that this is one of the best diet plans since it is very easy to succeed with online support. However, this plan doesn’t focus on long-term results and hence one might easily revert to an unhealthy weight.

Lighter life.

This system involves taking a certain number of Lighterlife packets per day depending on one’s body mass index. These packets serve as meal replacements.

Experts say that this is an easy plan to follow since it involves counseling and meal replacements. However, it is recommended that one seeks medical advice before starting since it sometimes involves taking less than 1000 calories per day.


This plan is based on mediterranean diets which involve intake of fresh produce and healthy fats.

Experts say that this is one of the best diet plans since Mediterranean diets have been proved to promote heart health. They have, however, stated that success associated with the diet may not be because of the diet itself but the social support that is given to this particular diet.

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