Best Kettlebells for Your Home Gym

Kettlebells are useful fitness tools that you can use for a range of exercises. In fact, they are so versatile that you can get a full body workout in using kettlebells alone. They look like cannonballs with handles and they come in two categories. Cast-iron kettlebells vary in weight and size while competition kettlebells are always the same size while their weight varies. Kettlebell exercises allow you to build muscle and strength while increasing your mobility and burning fat. After testing multiple kettlebells these are the top 10 that are best for your home gym.

The 10 Best Kettlebells 2018

1. Kettlebell Kings Power Coat

These kettlebells have a smooth finish that feels like chalk to the touch without any seems or burrs. The finish reduces friction, which results in no pinching of the skin during use. Simultaneously, the chalky texture provides a kind of grip for the user. They are quite durable with thin handle dimensions for ease of use.

2. Kettlebells USA Metrixx Elite Precision

These kettlebells are the most durable on the market right now. It is covered in what is called an “E-coat” that protects it from rust and damage. The handle is thin and the kettlebell window, which is the ‘hole’ between the handle and the cannon ball, is quite large, increasing the ease of use.

3. Christian’s Fitness Factory K2

These kettlebells have a sleek minimalist design and reliable function. The coating increases its durability and the handle’s texture retains chalk so that you do not need to reapply it for your grip.

4. Rep Fitness Powder Coat

This one also has a finishing that feels like chalk. This coating increases the durability of the kettlebell. The handle has thin dimension which adds to its ease of use.

5. Fringe Sport One Fit Wonder

These kettle bells are the most budget friendly option and they are the first on the list that has a unique Hammertone finish. You can purchase these kettlebells with handles sized for men or for women, making it easier for you to handle them.

6. American Barbell Powder Coat

These kettlebells have a large flat base to increase stability. They have a clean design and are coated in a texture that increases your grip.


7. Kettlebells USA Metrixx Elite Classic

These kettlebells have a classic old school design with thick handles that unfortunately make them harder to use than the others mentioned above. This option is also covered in an “E-coat: that protects the product from rust and damage.

8. Rogue Fitness Powder Coat

This kettlebell is only available for those who live in or near Ohio but they are also a great budget option. It has a gritty texture for better gripping but it also has thick handles that make them hard to use.

9. Perform Better First Place

These kettlebells have thin handles that are well rounded for ease of use. They can frequently be found on sale and the coating is lightly textured which gives you just enough grip with low friction to be able to do high rep work.

10. Onnit Basic

These kettlebells are on the lower end of the price spectrum. They have a thick coating which increases the grip, but it is not applied evenly so you see a few dried paint drips. This doesn’t affect use, but they are not very durable as they are prone to chipping. They do have a large window for ease of use.

Honorable Mention: CAP Powder Coat

Lastly, this kettlebell has a coating with a gritty texture for increased grip. However, the metal work is not smooth and there are small bumps and flecks on the handle when you run your hand over it. It has thick handles which make it harder to use, but they ship from Amazon for free which is a plus.

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